i can sit with this


i can sit with this

when i am
prickly, fidgeting

i cannot figure

i announce:
i can sit with this

I can sit with the
unwieldy sum
money heart family
a broken coffee cup
and bad hair cut

i can sit with this

and I must
sit with this

without naming
or solving

just sit and say
in a very gentle way
as if sweeping cooling cloths
over a feverish forehead

i can sit with this
i can sit with this

and then without
fanfare i find
i am empty
and i am sitting
with nothing
and everything
all at once

Find Water, and You Will Find Freedom

Water on flower 8

Find Water, and You Will Find Freedom

Find water, and see beauty.
See beauty, and make art.
Make art, and feel joy.
Feel joy, and find freedom.


This poem is simple to read. But, if you choose to wade in, you might discover the poem as a body of water, coming in waves, one line at a time, each line becoming a contemplation or an assignment. Follow one, and see where you end up.

Water on flower 10

“The most powerful presence in every poem is what is left out… {A poem} is about creating a sequence of words which work through suggestion and leave space for you to envisage, evoke, or incarnate that which is exactly suggested.” ~~John O’Donohue, From the recorded lecture, “Divine Imagination.”

Water on flower 11

Monday Morning Mary: Our Lady of Dollar Store Daffodils

dollar store daffodils


Dollar Store Daffodils

Winter has not yet relented.
The earth has not softened.
Bulbs have not awakened.
Being tired of winter
does not change the weather.
You cannot rush the daffodils.

But you can ask:
Where might I find beauty right now?
What can I create in this gray space?
And most importantly,
What version of the truth
will I tell myself today?

Do not be afraid of dollar store daffodils.
Imitation by a pure heart
flatters God.
Mary Gray March

I Want This to Be My Best Year

A poem for NaPoWriMo, written today.


I Want This to Be My Best Year

This afternoon I decided
I want this to be
my best year ever

Don’t ask if I mean 2013
or starting now, in April
when the spring leaves are still
small green origami

I want this to be my best year ever
come what may, and go what may,
because we all know loss arrives daily
as a purple sunset, broken glass, stillness

Maybe it’s the sky today, endless and blue
that makes me feel safe and confident
or that pair of pale doves
perched above me, basking as I am,
or the small tickle of sound in the brush

In this vast gentleness, I can’t help but say,
may this be my best year ever,
one that flows directly through my heart,
one in which I notice every possible thing,
a year of birdsong and faces,
music and water,
of angels, saints, and touch



Trees in Spring


A poem a day for April


A funny thing happened on the way to samadhi… today’s NaPoWriMo.


sitting crossed-legged to meditate
I had no intention of reaching
anything sublime,
but only of counting my breath
till the timer went off

then without warning
the sun beamed through me
and I was pixelated
just like on star trek

dissolved into grains
suspended in air
in the shape of me

no longer solid
but still fully there
I was filled with light and space

I was me without the heavy
pulsing veins of struggle
I was me with a hole where every
heavy thing inside me,
including the kitchen sink,
had vanished

space and light moved freely
through me, with me
as if it were divinity
and I were just my soul



A poem a day for April

Contentment II

The starting point for today’s NaPoWriMo poem was actually a moment of dis-content. When I caught myself, I reached in my mind for the poem I posted the other day, Contentment, and just started rewriting it based on my present moment. The process totally transformed my mindset. Feel free to borrow the title and first line and write you own present moment.


Contentment II

what more could I want?
a sunny room to lie in
a fish tank bubbling

prayer beads in my hand
a God to whom I can pray
just by being still



A poem a day for April

Clutter Bunnies

Today’s  NaPoWriMo poem sprouted from the pile of papers next to my computer begging for my attention. Instead of tending to the pile, I chose to write about it instead.


Clutter Bunnies

A pile of paper becomes a tower,
and a new pile is born.

Clutter bunnies like this are giving
all over my house.

Other bunny varieties include
pens, cables, and sea glass.

Clutter bunnies do not hide, but
and breed en plein air.

All I can do is find them
one at a time, chanting as I go:

is every thing in its
and everything else in the



A poem a day for April



Today’s NaPoWriMo poem was inspired by today’s Zen Habits post on finding Contentment. This poem, comprised of two haiku, was written in situ. Enjoy.


contentment petal



What more could I want?
The sun shines through a pink tree.
A cardinal sings.

The sky breathes on me.
A petal lands on my arm.
I do not move it.





A poem a day for April