Find Water, and You Will Find Freedom

Water on flower 8

Find Water, and You Will Find Freedom

Find water, and see beauty.
See beauty, and make art.
Make art, and feel joy.
Feel joy, and find freedom.


This poem is simple to read. But, if you choose to wade in, you might discover the poem as a body of water, coming in waves, one line at a time, each line becoming a contemplation or an assignment. Follow one, and see where you end up.

Water on flower 10

“The most powerful presence in every poem is what is left out… {A poem} is about creating a sequence of words which work through suggestion and leave space for you to envisage, evoke, or incarnate that which is exactly suggested.” ~~John O’Donohue, From the recorded lecture, “Divine Imagination.”

Water on flower 11

12 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 5, Water


water - wood dale park

12 Things I Am Grateful For This Year
Day 5: Water

Water blesses those
who take the time to wonder
while in its presence.


I still bless my water every day.

I also ask that rainwater be a blessing to all whom it touches.

And I am so grateful for the many ways in which beautiful water has flowed in my life this year. Here are a few photos from my travels.


water - hoboken 1

The Hudson River, from Hoboken, NJ


water - hoboken 2

Hudson River and Manhattan


water - hoboken freedom tower

Hudson River and the Freedom Tower


water - raritan bay

Raritan Bay, NJ. There’s always a beautiful breeze here, and the smell of salt air.



water - local stream

We moved this year to a new area where there are streams and brooks everywhere. This is one of them.


And here's another local brook.

And here’s another local brook.


water - manasquan inlet

Manasquan Inlet, NJ: looking out into the Atlantic Ocean.


water - piermont

The Hudson River in Piermont, NY


water - hudson at Cold Spring

The Hudson River where we kayaked in Cold Spring, NY. Incredibly beautiful and natural.


water - ogunquit

Ogunquit, Maine.


All the pictures from my Day 3 Thanksgiving post on Ideas were also taken from Ogunquit, Maine.

For me, water is a powerful, restorative presence, always a source of comfort, inspiration, and nourishment. May water be a blessing to you, too.






Monday Morning Mary: For a Weak Day

float collage - w pillow

Blessing for a Weak Day

When you are too weak to pray
do not pray.
Slip instead inside the empty vessel
of stillness.

Even if you are saturated with pain
and your spirit has evaporated from within
you can float.

So float now
on the Reservoir of Every Prayer,
that pristine accumulation
of the essential human desire
for blessing.

MM I am with you

Monday Morning Mary: Bless Your Water

water BnW


Blessing your water is a serenity practice. It stops your internal chatter and brings your focus to the present. If you allow it, this practice also offers an opportunity to feel grateful, blessed and loved.

Over the summer, I started asking Mother Mary to bless my drinking water. Each time I poured myself a glass, I asked her to make the water holy and healing for me.

Soon I found myself going outside first thing every morning to my Blessed Mother sanctuary, bearing a pitcher of fresh water for her to bless. As I drink the water throughout the day, I repeat the second half of the prayer to center myself again, to open myself up to healing, and to appreciate the simple gift of fresh, clean water.


Mother Mary,
bless this water,
make it holy,
that I may drink it
and be healed.

May a miracle wash through my body
and ripple outward
to those who need miracles
and those who need love.


Our Lady of Lourdes Whitehouse Station - 3

The next time you drink water, whether from a bottle, the tap, or a fountain, maybe you want to try your own blessing. Simply say, Thank you. See what happens next.

You are in my prayers today for miracles and love.


Detail of Our Lady of Lourdes, Whitehouse Station, NJ.