12 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 11, Healing

glen bench

12 Things I Am Grateful For This Year
Day 11:  Healing

May you be healed.
May your body find balance.
May your energy return.
May whatever you carry that is not truly yours dissolve.
May health blossom in all the cleared spaces.
May you be peaceful and patient
while Divine Medicine and all its tributaries
rise and flush,
clear and nourish,
restore and heal
every system, cell, and space,
physical and infinite.
May your path today be light.


Mary at Capuchin

Our Lady of Grace, with an orb of light in the lower right,
as if it is a blessing that has just fallen from her hand

12 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 10, Signs

leaf on step

12 Things I Am Grateful For This Year
Day 10:  Signs


Seeing signs
requires intention.
I cannot tell you
what to look for.
I can only tell you
how they come, to me—
as a leaf, a cloud or anything
as an event, joyful or jarring,
a moonrise or traffic jam—
anything that feels heavy with change.
It may open like a webpage
or a book in my brain
to a passage with insight
or specific direction.

But the loveliest of signs
are those that require
no effort or translation.
They simply arrive,
transcendent reminders
of Something-Divine.

Mother Mary


12 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 9, Angels

My Angel

12 Things I Am Grateful For This Year
Day 9:  Angels


It is difficult to believe
in angels
but I am learning

I have often said
of my closest calls
that there was nothing
between me and death
but an angel

then I would return
to my quiet illusion
of self-sufficiency

I imagine there are thousands
of rescues that were performed
for me
and I thanked no one
because I did not even feel it
I just got to where I was going

One day I needed help
and I simply asked
do I have a Guardian One
really, or is that just in a museum

I do

an angel
radiant, shapeshifting,
strong enough to hoist a steel bridge,
soft enough to sing with snow,
light enough to recline
on a flower petal,
for my next call
close or otherwise


Mother Mary


12 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 8, Shelter

shelter - golde tree 1

12 Things I Am Grateful For This Year
Day 8:  Shelter

Wherever you go, may you find shelter
in every form you desire: cabin, friendship, paper
with words that tell a story,
or a golden tree that jingles in the breeze
and sends down a currency that sustains and delights.


An American Beech Tree in Autumn

DSC_0731 - Version 3

One story of the word “book”  starts with the beech tree, on which ancient runes were carved.

shelter - golde tree 5

Old English bōc was rooted in German. Branches spread. Paper made. Books written.


shelter - golde tree 6

And the beech continues to give.


Blue Mary










12 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 7, Bliss

bliss - bracelet


12 Things I Am Grateful For This Year
Day 7: Bliss

When you slip the word bliss onto your wrist,
it becomes a bracelet of invitation.
As the year progresses, you discover gifts
accumulating, one after another,
experiences that might slip unnoticed
by the naked wrist,
like the time you swam underwater
in the crystal clear pool
on a hot, summer afternoon,
the refracted rays of the sun creating
on the aqua floor a sea of shimmering diamonds.

You wear the bracelet so many days
that it becomes a prayer of thanksgiving,
an act of beholding every moment of bliss
you have been given,
those you remember, and those now forgotten.



Mary with autumn skirt









12 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 6, Help

golden tree - side


12 Things I Am Grateful For This Year
Day 6: Help


Without you, I would not be giving thanks
beside this golden tree.
This beautiful path,
the strength I now claim,
would be sore dreams.

When I was weak,
you were generous.
What I could not do myself,
you did for me with compassion.

What you cleaned, prepared, wrapped, carried
was really a pearl—
a thousand pearls—
and I wear them always.
How can I not?
Help received is always a gift.
And I am forever changed
by its luxury.


Mary with autumn skirt









12 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 5, Water


water - wood dale park

12 Things I Am Grateful For This Year
Day 5: Water

Water blesses those
who take the time to wonder
while in its presence.


I still bless my water every day.

I also ask that rainwater be a blessing to all whom it touches.

And I am so grateful for the many ways in which beautiful water has flowed in my life this year. Here are a few photos from my travels.


water - hoboken 1

The Hudson River, from Hoboken, NJ


water - hoboken 2

Hudson River and Manhattan


water - hoboken freedom tower

Hudson River and the Freedom Tower


water - raritan bay

Raritan Bay, NJ. There’s always a beautiful breeze here, and the smell of salt air.



water - local stream

We moved this year to a new area where there are streams and brooks everywhere. This is one of them.


And here's another local brook.

And here’s another local brook.


water - manasquan inlet

Manasquan Inlet, NJ: looking out into the Atlantic Ocean.


water - piermont

The Hudson River in Piermont, NY


water - hudson at Cold Spring

The Hudson River where we kayaked in Cold Spring, NY. Incredibly beautiful and natural.


water - ogunquit

Ogunquit, Maine.


All the pictures from my Day 3 Thanksgiving post on Ideas were also taken from Ogunquit, Maine.

For me, water is a powerful, restorative presence, always a source of comfort, inspiration, and nourishment. May water be a blessing to you, too.