Monday Morning Mary: Resurrection

Resurrection Moon vertical


Take a chance.
Pull off the woolen hat
that muffles your ears.
Listen to the birds.

Set aside how cold you feel
and sense the deeper
thing, the secret
moon that rises
in you, pulling
the waters of your
soul to new shores
where something wild and
unexpected, awaits
your creative embrace.

Moon photo courtesy of Jay Racanelli

Monday Morning Mary: The Limitless Glitter of Your Soul

Feliz Glitter 2

leaves are spilling from the trees
trees are filling now with glitter

tis the season to glamourize
the dark, impoverished places

retreat from sales and cyber days
open a browser on your soul

shop the aisles of your inner store
all the glitter you desire awaits

search for someone who needs your love
adorn their day with a sparkling truth

make yourself a glittering globe
all the light you need awaits