12 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 9, Angels

My Angel

12 Things I Am Grateful For This Year
Day 9:  Angels


It is difficult to believe
in angels
but I am learning

I have often said
of my closest calls
that there was nothing
between me and death
but an angel

then I would return
to my quiet illusion
of self-sufficiency

I imagine there are thousands
of rescues that were performed
for me
and I thanked no one
because I did not even feel it
I just got to where I was going

One day I needed help
and I simply asked
do I have a Guardian One
really, or is that just in a museum

I do

an angel
radiant, shapeshifting,
strong enough to hoist a steel bridge,
soft enough to sing with snow,
light enough to recline
on a flower petal,
for my next call
close or otherwise


Mother Mary


12 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 8, Shelter

shelter - golde tree 1

12 Things I Am Grateful For This Year
Day 8:  Shelter

Wherever you go, may you find shelter
in every form you desire: cabin, friendship, paper
with words that tell a story,
or a golden tree that jingles in the breeze
and sends down a currency that sustains and delights.


An American Beech Tree in Autumn

DSC_0731 - Version 3

One story of the word “book”  starts with the beech tree, on which ancient runes were carved.

shelter - golde tree 5

Old English bōc was rooted in German. Branches spread. Paper made. Books written.


shelter - golde tree 6

And the beech continues to give.


Blue Mary