Monday Morning Mary: Amplify Your Light

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Amplify Your Light

Amplify your light
for those who fear
incoming persecution

Amplify your love
for those whose hate
seems vindicated

Amplify your vision
for harmonious change
and acceptance

Amplify your role
as a peace speaker
and deep listener

Amplify your presence
so that those who need you
can find you

You are the agent
of the future you seek.
Your time is now,




I Bought Yellow Tulips

I Bought Yellow Tulips


The luxury of sunny ovals caught my eye.
I placed them in my cart
alongside the lettuce and detergent.
Halfway to the register, I turned
to put them back
but stopped myself:
If not now, then when?

They’re opening now on my kitchen table,
eighteen cups of sunshine
poised on slender stalks.
Among them lies a single petal dashed with red.
I stop my mindless grazing to admire.
If not now, then when?