Monday Morning Mary: Amplify Your Light

SuperMoon 1113-2016.jpg


Amplify Your Light

Amplify your light
for those who fear
incoming persecution

Amplify your love
for those whose hate
seems vindicated

Amplify your vision
for harmonious change
and acceptance

Amplify your role
as a peace speaker
and deep listener

Amplify your presence
so that those who need you
can find you

You are the agent
of the future you seek.
Your time is now,




i can sit with this


i can sit with this

when i am
prickly, fidgeting

i cannot figure

i announce:
i can sit with this

I can sit with the
unwieldy sum
money heart family
a broken coffee cup
and bad hair cut

i can sit with this

and I must
sit with this

without naming
or solving

just sit and say
in a very gentle way
as if sweeping cooling cloths
over a feverish forehead

i can sit with this
i can sit with this

and then without
fanfare i find
i am empty
and i am sitting
with nothing
and everything
all at once

Peace with where you are today

Rose OLQA-2

Dear One,
You are not meant to heal yourself with your thoughts alone.
Let it be that your thoughts and your prayers open up possibilities.
Perhaps one opening might be that you live at once with illness and grace.
Living with illness and grace does not negate or preclude the possibility of recovery.
It simply means to be at peace with where you are today.

This most beautiful rose in the last day of a Month of Light and Roses is dedicated to Our Lady Queen of Angels.

Blessing of a Vintage Rosary

Rosary John sent his Mom from Alaska WWII


Blessing of a Vintage Rosary

Mother Mary, may this old rosary
that has come into my hands
be a blessing in my life.

I give thanks for every person who held it,
for every person who prayed on it,
for every person who passed it on.

I pray that this rosary be free
of any memory of darkness or pain,
allowing the light of its earlier work
to brighten and augment my own prayers.

May my touch upon these beads
leave a mark of beauty
to be a blessing
to the next hands that hold them.

I pray for peace.