12 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 11, Healing

glen bench

12 Things I Am Grateful For This Year
Day 11:  Healing

May you be healed.
May your body find balance.
May your energy return.
May whatever you carry that is not truly yours dissolve.
May health blossom in all the cleared spaces.
May you be peaceful and patient
while Divine Medicine and all its tributaries
rise and flush,
clear and nourish,
restore and heal
every system, cell, and space,
physical and infinite.
May your path today be light.


Mary at Capuchin

Our Lady of Grace, with an orb of light in the lower right,
as if it is a blessing that has just fallen from her hand

Monday Morning Mary: What Mary Saw

Full Moon Before Eclipse

What Mary Saw

A few gathered on the grassy hill
with cameras and telescopes
to see a plate of darkness slide
across the full moon.
Others watched a sitcom, unaware.
This is the way with all miracles.
They happen
whether we notice them or not.


Full Moon Closeup

I took these photos during Sunday evening’s full moon / lunar eclipse event, including the one of Mother Mary.


Moon Eclipse Starts

The darkness coming in from the left.

Mary During the Lunar Eclipse

Mother Mary, always there, in darkness and in light.





Monday Morning Mary: Hearts

Heart Leaf


When you see my signature
it means you are awakening
to your life as a miracle

Heart Signature -  Leaf Print

Midsummer, I saw the letter M in a web of branches against the sunset, and thought, oh, the signature of Mary. But as the summer went on, I noticed a lot of hearts.

Heart Signature - Leaf Print

With each heart, I experienced a reassuring sense of Her divine presence in my life.

Heart Signature - Tree

My favorite heart was a spectacular cloud formation in the center of ominous cumulus clouds. I was afloat in the town pool at the time, without a camera. I found this particular heart to be the most compelling heart image of all, maybe because it was so gigantic. Or maybe because all I could do was be with it, fully. Be with the heart of Mary.


No need to search for her signature. It’s always there.

Monday Morning Mary: Miracles Will Be Involved

Miracles Involved - Sweet Gum

Precious One,

Whatever it is you are struggling with today,
miracles will be involved.
Whatever mine you are digging in,
miracles will involved.
Whatever stillness you are resisting,
miracles will be involved.

You forget that the rain seeps into the earth
and nourishes in ways you do not see.

Whatever you touch or say after reading this message,
remember that miracles will be involved.

Our Lady of Lourdes at St John Lambertville NJ

Our Lady of Lourdes, Lambertville, NJ

Only by the Grace of the Holy Mother

Only By the Grace


Only by the Grace of the Holy Mother

Dear Mother Mary,
I am desperate, and willing
to beg and plead and negotiate
with promises I probably won’t be able to keep.

I would love to write a poem “Only by the Grace of the Holy Mother”
about the miraculous healing-event-extrication.

I guess what I’m saying is, I won’t write it
unless you give me the miracle I’m asking for.

That sounds quite terrible of me, doesn’t it.
Very childish. Well, so be it. I am your child,
and I’m worn out by years of disappointment,
of hope and dashed hope.
I don’t know how many more knockdowns I can take.
Maybe this is the last one.
Or maybe there are hundreds more.

It’s not like I’m living the high life.
Most days, I dwell in the small village
of my home and my imagination
with a small and humble footprint, if any at all.
In setbacks like this one, I feel that footprint

I can see I’m getting nowhere with you.

What’s this? A falling leaf?
You want me to follow this leaf to the ground?
To be surprised when it lands at my very feet?
To make a leaf rubbing with the pencil and paper
I just happen to have?

OK, I’ll make the leaf rubbing.

There. I made it.

Looks like that’s the miracle.

And that this is the poem I wanted to write,
Only by the Grace of the Holy Mother.

Better to write this poem
from a beaten down place
than from one of exhilaration.
Better to write from a place of want
than a place of luxury.
Better to write from despair than glee.

What could be more of a miracle
than to say with surrender and peace
that the Holy Mother sent me a leaf
and it changed my day?


My poem today for NaPoWriMo.



the word was written
in my handwriting
on a sea shell
that washed ashore
in my sister’s dream
last night

an echo of the time I’d written
peace on shells
and left them
on the sand

she is certain
the word she dreamt
was meant for me
but I will leave it
an arc between us,
a band of stars
waiting on the dark sky of promise



A poem a day for April