Let Time Be Shy

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Let Time Be Shy

Do not chase time,
driving too fast
to the next of too many

Unload your calendar
from your right shoulder
Sip coffee on your patio
in the cool morning hour

Let time come out
like a fawn from the whispering greens
Do not reach or try to squeeze it
into your travel mug

No, keep your coffee
in a porcelain cup
Ask nothing
See everything

Time will lie down and stretch out before you
on the sun-ripening earth,
a sentient deer
with nowhere more important
to be.


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Monday Morning Mary: For a Weak Day

float collage - w pillow

Blessing for a Weak Day

When you are too weak to pray
do not pray.
Slip instead inside the empty vessel
of stillness.

Even if you are saturated with pain
and your spirit has evaporated from within
you can float.

So float now
on the Reservoir of Every Prayer,
that pristine accumulation
of the essential human desire
for blessing.

MM I am with you


A funny thing happened on the way to samadhi… today’s NaPoWriMo.


sitting crossed-legged to meditate
I had no intention of reaching
anything sublime,
but only of counting my breath
till the timer went off

then without warning
the sun beamed through me
and I was pixelated
just like on star trek

dissolved into grains
suspended in air
in the shape of me

no longer solid
but still fully there
I was filled with light and space

I was me without the heavy
pulsing veins of struggle
I was me with a hole where every
heavy thing inside me,
including the kitchen sink,
had vanished

space and light moved freely
through me, with me
as if it were divinity
and I were just my soul



A poem a day for April


Written this morning for NaPoWriMo.



Morning spills a trapezoid
of sunlight on the floor.
I align my cushion within
the gold geometry
and face the sun.

Each day in spring the angle
grows less oblique,
a difference invisible
to the human eye
except when measured in seasons.

The sun in its traveling arc
teaches me to trust
in subtle change.



A poem a day for April