Monday Morning Mary: She Said Yes


She Said Yes

A year ago
when I prayed to
Our Lady of Journey
for a miracle
it sounded like no.

No you cannot go
to Maine or to the store
or anywhere.

I begged shamelessly
and it all fell apart anyway—
the meticulously planned trip
the leanings toward wellness
the chance to move past
an enduring spell
of no’s.

But here I stand now
strong, in the October winds
on the coast of Maine,
dressed like the sky in layers
of gray and blue.

Facing into the north wind
as it rushes through me
in a river of prayer
a cold bright river of healing prayer,
I am sure what She said last year was not
no, but
Later. Soon. Someday. Yes.
I stand here as a sign of Her grace,
a sign that reads clearly,
She Said Yes.

Yes - sea rose

Yes - Perkins Cove boats

Yes - sparrow

Yes - cove wavesYes - coffee shop

Yes - tidal pool

Yes - beach reflection

Yes - seagulls

Yes - wildflowers along marginal way