Where I Went Right

I’ve always dedicated a chunk of time the last few days of December to deliberate ways to improve myself.

Not this year.

Instead of focusing on what might need fixing, I’m spending these next few days recollecting some of the things I did right. Forget all the missteps and wrong turns. I’m going to retrace the routes, and remember the junctions where I made the right turn.

I’ve started a list. It includes some major decisions, as well as some of the small, beautiful turns of daily life. Turning to face someone I love. Turning away from situations that were no longer serving my good. Turning my gaze toward the trees and the sunshine.

Barrie Davenport’s list of ways to Prepare for the New Year sparks in my mind even more ways I went right this past year. After exploring her 12 categories (my faves: Nutritionally, Intellectually, Financially, and Spiritually), I’m adding one of my own: Creatively. It gives me permission to write down all the things I crocheted, beaded, wrote, cut, folded, and sang, and helps me remember some of my bigger creative ideas and solutions. All places where I went right.

Come the New Year, I may not remember any of the specifics on my list. But what I will remember is that on many days, in many ways, I went right.