My Poetry Book Is Now Available!

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I’m so happy I can share my work with you in a new way! My book of poetry, 59 Prayers, is now available in print. 59 Prayers is a collection of poems that blossomed from the union of my writing life and my spiritual life. It’s not a book of religion or sanctioned prayer, but an exploration of love, doubt, suffering, and joy.

As some of you may know, I’ve been on a long healing journey. During that time, when so much stillness and solitude were required, poetry became a lifeline. The writing process enabled me to transform negative energy and amplify positive energy. I chose to examine ordinary events through the slow lens of poetry. I created poems that made me feel better. And I have always hoped that the poems would make you feel better, too.

59 Prayers includes some poems that have appeared on this blog as well as other poems I’ve written from the same sea of experience. Some of the poems in 59 Prayers come from a place of struggle or questioning, others from a sense of communion or divine presence. Some of the poems offer blessing for special occasions or life events, such as marriage or interviewing for a job. Others seek to find meaning and beauty in an imperfect world. It’s my hope that you will find the book to be an experience of blessing and healing.

Thank you for following my blog and supporting my work. The world needs more love, and this is one way I’ve chosen to contribute.




59 Prayers is available for purchase on Amazon.

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i can sit with this


i can sit with this

when i am
prickly, fidgeting

i cannot figure

i announce:
i can sit with this

I can sit with the
unwieldy sum
money heart family
a broken coffee cup
and bad hair cut

i can sit with this

and I must
sit with this

without naming
or solving

just sit and say
in a very gentle way
as if sweeping cooling cloths
over a feverish forehead

i can sit with this
i can sit with this

and then without
fanfare i find
i am empty
and i am sitting
with nothing
and everything
all at once

12 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 11, Healing

glen bench

12 Things I Am Grateful For This Year
Day 11:  Healing

May you be healed.
May your body find balance.
May your energy return.
May whatever you carry that is not truly yours dissolve.
May health blossom in all the cleared spaces.
May you be peaceful and patient
while Divine Medicine and all its tributaries
rise and flush,
clear and nourish,
restore and heal
every system, cell, and space,
physical and infinite.
May your path today be light.


Mary at Capuchin

Our Lady of Grace, with an orb of light in the lower right,
as if it is a blessing that has just fallen from her hand

Monday Morning Mary: She Said Yes


She Said Yes

A year ago
when I prayed to
Our Lady of Journey
for a miracle
it sounded like no.

No you cannot go
to Maine or to the store
or anywhere.

I begged shamelessly
and it all fell apart anyway—
the meticulously planned trip
the leanings toward wellness
the chance to move past
an enduring spell
of no’s.

But here I stand now
strong, in the October winds
on the coast of Maine,
dressed like the sky in layers
of gray and blue.

Facing into the north wind
as it rushes through me
in a river of prayer
a cold bright river of healing prayer,
I am sure what She said last year was not
no, but
Later. Soon. Someday. Yes.
I stand here as a sign of Her grace,
a sign that reads clearly,
She Said Yes.

Yes - sea rose

Yes - Perkins Cove boats

Yes - sparrow

Yes - cove wavesYes - coffee shop

Yes - tidal pool

Yes - beach reflection

Yes - seagulls

Yes - wildflowers along marginal way


Monday Morning Mary: How to Pray Barefoot

sacred trees

How to Pray Barefoot, Early Spring

Go to the grove of trees.
Go to the sacred grove
of the sacred trees.
Those three sturdy beings
near the stream,
or the thin twins
where you buy bread,
or the full wild forest
in your head.
If there is any question
about their sacredness,

Take off your shoes
and stand with your flesh
touching the earth,
which is surprisingly
soft and unexpectedly
as the sweet virgin grass
awakens your soles,
what is spring
what is eternal.
And without uttering a sound,
simply be
in the ongoing prayer
that exists among those trees,
the earth,
and the small head of grass
rising between your toes.

As you remain still
within this integrating psalm,
something in you
will inevitably heal.
twin trees

Our Lady of Mercy

Monday Morning Mary: For a Weak Day

float collage - w pillow

Blessing for a Weak Day

When you are too weak to pray
do not pray.
Slip instead inside the empty vessel
of stillness.

Even if you are saturated with pain
and your spirit has evaporated from within
you can float.

So float now
on the Reservoir of Every Prayer,
that pristine accumulation
of the essential human desire
for blessing.

MM I am with you

Monday Morning Mary: Miracles Will Be Involved

Miracles Involved - Sweet Gum

Precious One,

Whatever it is you are struggling with today,
miracles will be involved.
Whatever mine you are digging in,
miracles will involved.
Whatever stillness you are resisting,
miracles will be involved.

You forget that the rain seeps into the earth
and nourishes in ways you do not see.

Whatever you touch or say after reading this message,
remember that miracles will be involved.

Our Lady of Lourdes at St John Lambertville NJ

Our Lady of Lourdes, Lambertville, NJ

Our Flower Who Heart in Heaven

Our Flower

I was playing around with a familiar bible verse, and ended up with a prayer that is fun to say, and yet remains in full reverence of the great Artist. Flower, in this context, is extremely powerful to me. Who else could have devised such perfect beauty? Who else can make a flower?

The second half of the poem delivers one of my deepest personal prayer requests. My hope is that if you are moved, you might say the prayer for yourself, substituting your own request in the three repeating lines.

As everything in this poem—flowers, miles, heart—is both literal and metaphor, may God fill your miles with many flowers.


Matthew Six:Nine

(This, then, is a prayer)

Our Father, Artist of Heaven
Flower Be Thy Name
And with Thy Son
the healing is done
in me, as a sign of Heaven

That I may walk for miles in joy
that I may Walk for Miles in joy
refresh my Heart
with Flower Art
that I may walk for miles in Joy

Who Art in Heave

Prayer for a Loved One in the Hospital

I wrote this for someone special who wanted me to share it with you.


Prayer for a Loved One in the Hospital

May your pain dissolve like salt in the ocean
May your breath be soft as a summer breeze
May your heart be a rose, gentle and steady
May all imbalance come to rest as a lake on a quiet morning
May every question spiral outward like a moon shell
toward the answer
May Compassion attend you
May Kindness enter you with every touch
May Wisdom shine upon you,
enfold you, reassure you that you are safe,
and loved