Late July


Late July

Just before daybreak
blue jays light the morning song:
I am here, alive.


I wrote this haiku two days ago, and had planned to post it this morning, but I had no photo to include. First things first, I wanted to water my flowers this morning, before the heat. As I dragged the hose across the lawn, what should be directly in my path but a blue jay feather.

A find like this was automatically for me three things: a sign (all is well, because that’s what feathers mean for me), a reminder (don’t forget to post that blue jay haiku), and a gift (here’s the photo you were looking for).

Haiku are fun to write. If you’ve never had a teacher tell you the formula, it’s 3 lines with 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables. Writing a haiku is like buying a pair of shoes: beauty, comfort, and fit!








I Want to See God (A Morning Intention)

iris cavern


I woke up yesterday with this phrase “I want to see God,” and without thinking about it much, decided to make it my morning intention. In other words, I hoped I would see God in the ordinary day that lay ahead of me, most likely in the small things, yada yada yawn yawn, and I forgot about it. Until dusk in dreary weather, when I remembered the irises had bloomed, and ran out to photograph them. In the image framed by my camera, I remembered.

I Want to See God

At dusk I find her
in the deep purple cavern
of an iris bloom.

Life Is a Bowl of Cherries and Kale

Kale and Cherries Bowl
Today’s poem was inspired by a breakfast recipe called Decadent Kale and Pomegranate Breakfast Salad by Maria over at  Plant-Based Slow Motion Miracle. I absolutely love this recipe, which is basically kale, grain, and fruit mixed in a delicious chocolate sauce (made from banana and raw cacao).

I made this recipe for my niece (a whole foods enthusiast) for her bridal shower this past weekend, and I wrote this poem to go with it. I had been wondering about what wisdom I might share with her about marriage. The answer was in my breakfast bowl filled with an odd mix of ingredients that after many mornings still delights me.

Life is a Bowl of Cherries and Kale

Success in marriage:
blending two opposing thoughts
in yummy chocolate