Monday Morning Mary: From Gray to Grace


Angel Wing in Sky

From Gray to Grace

Today you have been given gray skies.
Although your intellect prefers black and white,
and your inner child prefers sun,
look past the easy connections of gloom
and uncertainty.

Instead, pause quietly
and allow the luminous gray
to reveal itself as an angel’s wing
spanning over you
in protection.

Send your questions skyward,
and in your unknowing,
discover the shelter of grace.


Mount Saint Mary - Perpetual Help

Mount Saint Mary’s Academy, Watchung, NJ


Peace with where you are today

Rose OLQA-2

Dear One,
You are not meant to heal yourself with your thoughts alone.
Let it be that your thoughts and your prayers open up possibilities.
Perhaps one opening might be that you live at once with illness and grace.
Living with illness and grace does not negate or preclude the possibility of recovery.
It simply means to be at peace with where you are today.

This most beautiful rose in the last day of a Month of Light and Roses is dedicated to Our Lady Queen of Angels.