Monday Morning Mary: Your Core Is Light

Heavenly Sky over Beach

Monday Morning Mary: Your Core Is Light

If you look upon your mistake,
and see it as a dark flower
on a vine that you can travel down
to your dreadful core,
you strangle your goodness.

Your mistake is just a weed
that took shallow root.
You may even have planted it
yourself, thinking it was a wildflower.
No matter.

Weeds come and go
with the weather.
Do not tangle yourself.
That heals no one.

Go to your core,
which is not rotten,
but pure light.
In that white center,
you are free
to choose another seed.
Here, they are all

Our Lady Star of the Sea

Our Flower Who Heart in Heaven

Our Flower

I was playing around with a familiar bible verse, and ended up with a prayer that is fun to say, and yet remains in full reverence of the great Artist. Flower, in this context, is extremely powerful to me. Who else could have devised such perfect beauty? Who else can make a flower?

The second half of the poem delivers one of my deepest personal prayer requests. My hope is that if you are moved, you might say the prayer for yourself, substituting your own request in the three repeating lines.

As everything in this poem—flowers, miles, heart—is both literal and metaphor, may God fill your miles with many flowers.


Matthew Six:Nine

(This, then, is a prayer)

Our Father, Artist of Heaven
Flower Be Thy Name
And with Thy Son
the healing is done
in me, as a sign of Heaven

That I may walk for miles in joy
that I may Walk for Miles in joy
refresh my Heart
with Flower Art
that I may walk for miles in Joy

Who Art in Heave

How to Make a Paper Flower

How to Make a Paper Flower or Anything, For That Matter

Choose a sheet of paper in your favorite color, like azure blue.
Choose another sheet in your other favorite color, lemony yellow.
If you don’t remember your favorite color,
or it’s not available,
pick what you can, even if it’s gray.
Don’t deliberate.

Cut a lopsided circle out of one sheet,
and tape it to the center of the other.
Don’t measure. Trust your vision.

Like Michaelangelo, cut away anything that is
not flower.
Do not take pencil to paper.
Let intuition guide your movement.
Trust yourself.

Cut one curve in, one curve out,
one curve in, one curve out,
Don’t look ahead, or behind.
Stay at the ever-changing point where
blade meets paper.
Don’t hurry.

Work your way around, always coming back to the center.
Soon everything you cut will have fallen away.
What remains is a flower
that only you could have made.

Tape the flower to your window, wall, or refrigerator
where it will become a teacher,
or at least a mirror.