12 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 11, Healing

glen bench

12 Things I Am Grateful For This Year
Day 11:  Healing

May you be healed.
May your body find balance.
May your energy return.
May whatever you carry that is not truly yours dissolve.
May health blossom in all the cleared spaces.
May you be peaceful and patient
while Divine Medicine and all its tributaries
rise and flush,
clear and nourish,
restore and heal
every system, cell, and space,
physical and infinite.
May your path today be light.


Mary at Capuchin

Our Lady of Grace, with an orb of light in the lower right,
as if it is a blessing that has just fallen from her hand

12 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 10, Signs

leaf on step

12 Things I Am Grateful For This Year
Day 10:  Signs


Seeing signs
requires intention.
I cannot tell you
what to look for.
I can only tell you
how they come, to me—
as a leaf, a cloud or anything
as an event, joyful or jarring,
a moonrise or traffic jam—
anything that feels heavy with change.
It may open like a webpage
or a book in my brain
to a passage with insight
or specific direction.

But the loveliest of signs
are those that require
no effort or translation.
They simply arrive,
transcendent reminders
of Something-Divine.

Mother Mary



A funny thing happened on the way to samadhi… today’s NaPoWriMo.


sitting crossed-legged to meditate
I had no intention of reaching
anything sublime,
but only of counting my breath
till the timer went off

then without warning
the sun beamed through me
and I was pixelated
just like on star trek

dissolved into grains
suspended in air
in the shape of me

no longer solid
but still fully there
I was filled with light and space

I was me without the heavy
pulsing veins of struggle
I was me with a hole where every
heavy thing inside me,
including the kitchen sink,
had vanished

space and light moved freely
through me, with me
as if it were divinity
and I were just my soul



A poem a day for April