Monday Morning Mary: While You Were Praying for Signs

Deer in Valley - One


While You Are Praying for Signs

While you are praying for signs
a handful of deer rest
in the woods
just beside you

While you face east
with the morning sun glinting through
the singing trees in a blessing onto your face
the deer face east, too

While you are silent in devotion
the deer you don’t even know are there
are silent, too

Only when you are done
standing before the Holy Mother
filling your spirit for the day
only then as you take your first step
back into your day
do you see

two deer resting peacefully
in the little valley beside you

and between you and the deer
is your dog
also quiet on the autumn earth

here you all are
in a rare harmony

you struggle in your flawed capacity
to take in
the fullness
of what
you know must be
a gift

it is not the hidden deer
which you now discover to be five
or the silence of your dog in their presence
but the calm energy
that flows freely
like script
among all of you,
evenly creatures
an answer


Deer in Valley - Four

After this lovely experience with these deer this morning, I tiptoed inside to get my camera, and was able to capture the shots you see in this post.

I think the shot above has four of the deer.

Deer facing away

I never knew deer had “eyes” at the back of their head.

Deer three

Someone new arrives.

Deer - Two

May you find the signs you need today.




Monday Morning Mary: She Said Yes


She Said Yes

A year ago
when I prayed to
Our Lady of Journey
for a miracle
it sounded like no.

No you cannot go
to Maine or to the store
or anywhere.

I begged shamelessly
and it all fell apart anyway—
the meticulously planned trip
the leanings toward wellness
the chance to move past
an enduring spell
of no’s.

But here I stand now
strong, in the October winds
on the coast of Maine,
dressed like the sky in layers
of gray and blue.

Facing into the north wind
as it rushes through me
in a river of prayer
a cold bright river of healing prayer,
I am sure what She said last year was not
no, but
Later. Soon. Someday. Yes.
I stand here as a sign of Her grace,
a sign that reads clearly,
She Said Yes.

Yes - sea rose

Yes - Perkins Cove boats

Yes - sparrow

Yes - cove wavesYes - coffee shop

Yes - tidal pool

Yes - beach reflection

Yes - seagulls

Yes - wildflowers along marginal way


Monday Morning Mary: What Mary Saw

Full Moon Before Eclipse

What Mary Saw

A few gathered on the grassy hill
with cameras and telescopes
to see a plate of darkness slide
across the full moon.
Others watched a sitcom, unaware.
This is the way with all miracles.
They happen
whether we notice them or not.


Full Moon Closeup

I took these photos during Sunday evening’s full moon / lunar eclipse event, including the one of Mother Mary.


Moon Eclipse Starts

The darkness coming in from the left.

Mary During the Lunar Eclipse

Mother Mary, always there, in darkness and in light.





Monday Morning Mary: Hearts

Heart Leaf


When you see my signature
it means you are awakening
to your life as a miracle

Heart Signature -  Leaf Print

Midsummer, I saw the letter M in a web of branches against the sunset, and thought, oh, the signature of Mary. But as the summer went on, I noticed a lot of hearts.

Heart Signature - Leaf Print

With each heart, I experienced a reassuring sense of Her divine presence in my life.

Heart Signature - Tree

My favorite heart was a spectacular cloud formation in the center of ominous cumulus clouds. I was afloat in the town pool at the time, without a camera. I found this particular heart to be the most compelling heart image of all, maybe because it was so gigantic. Or maybe because all I could do was be with it, fully. Be with the heart of Mary.


No need to search for her signature. It’s always there.

Monday Morning Mary: Blessing for Diamonds


When I open a door, any door, in the morning
it reminds me to open myself as well
to the idea, to the possibility, of receiving
a diamond.
Why not?

Imagine a dish full of diamonds in sunlight
stirring them, scooping them,
letting them sprinkle and bounce.

of health, of friendship, of creativity
of kindness, of beauty, of unexpected delight.

Even if I feel undeserving.
Even if I feel it’s too much to ask
Even if I feel it requires a giant miracle
I open the door
and let those feelings fly away
like sleepy moths.

In comes the miracle.
In comes the sunlight.
In comes the diamond.

More, I say, more.



Mother Mary bw


Monday Morning Mary: Your Core Is Light

Heavenly Sky over Beach

Monday Morning Mary: Your Core Is Light

If you look upon your mistake,
and see it as a dark flower
on a vine that you can travel down
to your dreadful core,
you strangle your goodness.

Your mistake is just a weed
that took shallow root.
You may even have planted it
yourself, thinking it was a wildflower.
No matter.

Weeds come and go
with the weather.
Do not tangle yourself.
That heals no one.

Go to your core,
which is not rotten,
but pure light.
In that white center,
you are free
to choose another seed.
Here, they are all

Our Lady Star of the Sea

Monday Morning Mary: Let Changing Sheets Be a Prayer

retreat center

Let Changing Sheets Be a Prayer

If you are able to change
your own sheets
consider it a blessing.
It means you have working limbs
and enough energy and health
to do this important thing.

It also means you have a bed.
Something else to be grateful for.

There is a woman who comes
to the retreat center
after the weekend
to change all the sheets.
She chooses to do this
without pay or praise.
She simply readies the bed
for the next weary
seeker of wisdom or refuge.
She rolls up the old worries
and spreads out a fresh canvas,
her arms raising and lowering,
creating a billowing ripple
in the fabric of the world,
a prayer that somehow
reaches each of us breathing.

Our Lady Star of the Sea - July

Monday Morning Mary: Let the Shoe Drop


Let the Shoe Drop

You live like you are waiting
for the other shoe

like the man upstairs
just sat on his bed

and realized he left you

you dread the sound
of dread to come

go upstairs and knock
the door is unlocked

a flock of clouds
and sky are waiting

and the shoe
which has always been

in your other hand
is really a white dove

that will, if you let it, float
up toward its mate, and drop

a perfect feather
into your happy lap

dale mary

Monday Morning Mary: A Memorial Day Blessing

flag in Manasquan

For Those Who Serve and Sacrifice, A Memorial Day Blessing

For those in service and uniform
who lost their lives,
we remember today your sacrifice, and whisper,
Thank you.

May those who raised you, those who cared
and laughed with you, who mourn you,
may they be blessed.

For those once in service and uniform
who now live without limbs or peace of mind,
we also say, Thank you.

May you be sheltered by someone’s deepest care.
May you find new healing in unexpected places.
May joy wash up daily on the shores of your heart.
You are held in prayer.
May you be blessed.

Mary Gray March

Monday Morning Mary: Where Did You Go Right

girls crossing stream 2007


Where Did You Go Right

You are so thoughtful,
wanting to learn from your mistakes,
looking to do things better next time.
But you’ve done enough of that.
Now it’s time to stop building
that same stepping stone
over and over again.
Step on it with courage.
From your new vantage point,
your vision grows larger.
Look up.
Get going.
Madonna and Child at Met