Election Day Prayer: God, Bless America


Dear God,
Wake in every citizen today the unquenchable desire to vote.
Keep every voter safe and free from obstruction or intimidation.
Illuminate our vision that we may see beyond our small thoughts.
Place in our hearts the integrity of non-harming word and deed.

Protect our country from acts of hatred.
Unite us as our new leader emerges.
Unite us in an expansive vision of what could be,
that we may move forward with integrity, compassion, and grace.
Unite us in our patriotism.

God, bless America.


Monday Morning Mary: A Memorial Day Blessing

flag in Manasquan

For Those Who Serve and Sacrifice, A Memorial Day Blessing

For those in service and uniform
who lost their lives,
we remember today your sacrifice, and whisper,
Thank you.

May those who raised you, those who cared
and laughed with you, who mourn you,
may they be blessed.

For those once in service and uniform
who now live without limbs or peace of mind,
we also say, Thank you.

May you be sheltered by someone’s deepest care.
May you find new healing in unexpected places.
May joy wash up daily on the shores of your heart.
You are held in prayer.
May you be blessed.

Mary Gray March