Monday Morning Mary: This Too Shall Bless

Tiny Steeple Big Sky

Tiny Steeple, Big Sky

This Too Shall Bless

What is in your dominant hand?
A keyboard, an apple,
A set of prayer beads?

Travel up your arm, your neck,
into the wiry treetop that is your brain.
Is there a hyper monkey hopping
branch to branch, upset
and upsetting?

Whatever the monkey says,
you can say,
This too shall bless.

This too shall bless
you or someone else
or both of you.
It is not for you to decide who gets blessed
by your suffering or how.
It is not for you to see the blessing
or know it has taken place.

If you can say in adversity,
This too shall bless
you open the window of possibility
through which you may recognize
that in this, this terrible thing,
there just might be a purpose.

Gaze out that window.
As surely as the sun is gilding the earth,
someone is healing.

William Adolph Bourguereaux

painting by William Adolph Bouguereaux