Be a Serenity Star: An Intention for the Christmas Season


Be a Serenity Star: An Intention for the Christmas Season

This year, I’m trying something new.
I’m creating a practice:
Be a Serenity Star.

Right about now
I usually start “Christmas Thinking,”
that endless rumination
on the infinite ways
to do or not do
the things I believe
are required for a
(Perfect) Christmas.

Despite my efforts every year
to manage Christmas Thinking,
I deplete myself.
I lose sleep. At both ends of the night.

But this year instead,
when I find myself
getting caught up in what
doesn’t really matter,
I’m choosing to
find a Serenity Star,
which is:

1. a soft illumination
in the sky or field or mind
that guides me back
to the Present Moment.

2. someone with an inner light
that illuminates a kinder way
and welcomes me back
to my true self.

This is a practice.
Something to return to
a thousand times a day
if need be.

Find a Serenity Star.
Follow a Serenity Star.
Be a Serenity Star.





Awesome star photo by NASA on Unsplash


4 thoughts on “Be a Serenity Star: An Intention for the Christmas Season

  1. I love this.. I have been longing for years to find a way to honor the advent season in peaceful anticipation. I abhor the commercialization and maddening frenzy that has overtaken the humility and simplicity of the birth of Christ. This poem is the perfect ‘kick-off’ to advent. Thank you.

  2. This is such a blessed time of year yet I can get so distracted by all the hussel and bussel that I sometimes lose sight of what’s really important so thank you Cheryl for your thoughtful and beautiful words. You are a serenity star!

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