Finding Words: A Writing Workshop

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I’m so excited to be offering another poetry writing workshop at Yoga Synthesis yoga studio! The next sessions are Wednesday, November 7 from 1-3 PM and Friday, November 9 from 7-9 PM.

Register now, and save $5, or pay $30 at the door.

Discover how a simple practice of writing free-form poetry can transform and deepen your relationship with yourself and your world. Each of us has been given the gift of creativity, with infinite possibilities for expression. Read more…

Play with words, dream with words, heal with words. Come and find your words.

Yours in love in healing,



3 thoughts on “Finding Words: A Writing Workshop

  1. Dear Cheryl,

    I am planning to attend with my sister-in-law, Kathy on Friday, 11/9. I can’t commit early, because I am not in sole control of my schedule, but the plan is to be there.

    I am looking forward to the evening, and introducing you to Kathy. I gave her your book for her birthday in August, and she loved it. There is an essence about you both that is very similar. She is a gentle soul. She’s a gardener, an artist and a kindergarten teacher. She is a cancer survivor, and she transformed her life over the past ten years, which has brought her both deep pain and great peace.

    I am very much looking forward to bringing her into the beautiful circle of light that surrounds you and shines through you.

    Love, sue

    • Dear Sue,
      Thank you for such beautiful words! We will all be creating a circle of light and space together. I’m so happy you can make it, and can’t wait to meet Kathy! She sounds like a person with beautiful energies (like you)! Thank you, as always, for sharing my work. See you soon!

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