Monday Morning Mary: When You Need a Reason


brook 8

When You Need a Reason

It’s easy to say
things happen for a reason
when the thing that is happening
is merely inconvenient
or is not happening directly to you.

Be careful when you offer the words
things happen for a reason
as wisdom or consolation to another human being.
Better to utter the words silently as a prayer
of surrender and acceptance.

Things may happen for a reason
but not necessarily
for one that is palatable
or even discernible.

Things happen as a river happens:
each bead of water following another,
collectively carrying
all that needs to be carried
to sea.


The pictures in this post were taken this morning in my neighborhood.

glen 3

We had a blizzard in NJ two days ago, leaving close to two feet of snow in my area, more in other places. With the sun shining full this morning, I couldn’t resist visiting these two brooks. I was enchanted by the snow-covered boulders…

glen 1

and the sound of water flowing over the stones.

glen 2

I almost missed the animal tracks near the water’s edge.

brook 1


brook 6

Spotted this drift along the brook, and it seemed so friendly, nature’s own snowfellow.

brook 3

Nothing more magical than the sun sparkling on the frozen brook. 

brook 9

Sending some of those sparkles along to you.


Mother Mary in snow



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