Blessing for Lilliana

baby closeup

Blessing for Lilliana on Her Baptism

May you be blessed on this day
with a key to your inner sanctuary,
that place inside you where God always is.

May you come to know prayer
in its full voice:
as a way of living, a way of serving,
a way of being still.

May this rosary invite you to remember
this day when all those who love you
gathered to celebrate your coming
into this world to bless each of their lives
in a unique way.

May this rosary remind you of all the blessings
those people are wishing you today,
the blessings of a life filled with color and beauty,
wonder, compassion, strength, gentleness,
well-being, and courage.

May your light shine, dear Lilliana,
outward from your heart
in every direction.

Mary Garden


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