Monday Morning Mary: Hearts

Heart Leaf


When you see my signature
it means you are awakening
to your life as a miracle

Heart Signature -  Leaf Print

Midsummer, I saw the letter M in a web of branches against the sunset, and thought, oh, the signature of Mary. But as the summer went on, I noticed a lot of hearts.

Heart Signature - Leaf Print

With each heart, I experienced a reassuring sense of Her divine presence in my life.

Heart Signature - Tree

My favorite heart was a spectacular cloud formation in the center of ominous cumulus clouds. I was afloat in the town pool at the time, without a camera. I found this particular heart to be the most compelling heart image of all, maybe because it was so gigantic. Or maybe because all I could do was be with it, fully. Be with the heart of Mary.


No need to search for her signature. It’s always there.


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