Prayer to Saint Brigid of Ireland

emerald bead shamrock

Saint Brigid of Ireland, a fifth century nun who is one of Ireland’s patron saints, is also considered a patron saint of poets. She performed many miracles in her lifetime, including converting a king on his deathbed by weaving a cross out of local reeds (St. Brigid’s cross). My prayer below refers to two other miracles as well. In her youth, St. Brigid’s beauty mysteriously vanished so as to discourage suitors, and returned once she was safely committed to God. The third miracle is the story of St. Brigid approaching the king for land for a convent. He laughed and said she could have whatever land her cloak could cover. Four of her nuns took the corners of her cloak, and running outward in the directions of the compass, stretched the cloak for acres. The astonished king conceded the land.

Prayer to St. Brigid for Creativity

Just as you led the Celtic mind
out to the meadow of transfiguring light,
lead also my hopeful imagination
out into a new meadow this day

Just as you shed physical beauty for the gifts of spirit,
quell also my accumulating nature
so that the gifts of the grassy fields
may come gently into focus

Just as you wove reeds into a tale of conversion
May I also weave available stalks into an artful message

May I be in your vein brave and creative.

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