Monday Morning Mary: How to Read a Christmas Card

Christmas Card

How to Read a Christmas Card


Dear Lovely One,


You may be receiving a card today.

Take the time to take it in.


Regardless of whom it is from,

or whether the sender intended it,

the card carries a special blessing.


First, take in the art.

Allow the eyes of your inner child,

eyes that understood image before the written word,

to behold and decipher what is beautiful.


Second, take in the message.

Is there a word that you could use today,

such as joy, merry, angel, or birth?

Look for signs of that word in the day

that has transpired or the day unfolding.


Third, take in the sender.

Perhaps it is someone dear to you.

Or someone with whom you struggle.

Or your insurance company.

Regardless, say, Blessings to you.


And a flock of white doves

will fly from your heart

surprising you with their lightness and light.



Our Lady of Fatima UC - roses


Our Lady of Fatima UC - closeup

Our Lady of Fatima, Union City, NJ

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