Monday Morning Mary: Bless Your Water

water BnW


Blessing your water is a serenity practice. It stops your internal chatter and brings your focus to the present. If you allow it, this practice also offers an opportunity to feel grateful, blessed and loved.

Over the summer, I started asking Mother Mary to bless my drinking water. Each time I poured myself a glass, I asked her to make the water holy and healing for me.

Soon I found myself going outside first thing every morning to my Blessed Mother sanctuary, bearing a pitcher of fresh water for her to bless. As I drink the water throughout the day, I repeat the second half of the prayer to center myself again, to open myself up to healing, and to appreciate the simple gift of fresh, clean water.


Mother Mary,
bless this water,
make it holy,
that I may drink it
and be healed.

May a miracle wash through my body
and ripple outward
to those who need miracles
and those who need love.


Our Lady of Lourdes Whitehouse Station - 3

The next time you drink water, whether from a bottle, the tap, or a fountain, maybe you want to try your own blessing. Simply say, Thank you. See what happens next.

You are in my prayers today for miracles and love.


Detail of Our Lady of Lourdes, Whitehouse Station, NJ.

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Mary: Bless Your Water

  1. Love this prayer. I have always believed we are like ripples in the water, doing kind things for those around us so they can in turn, do kind things for people around them. What a ripple effect!

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