Monday Morning Mary: Things You Thought You’d Never Do

Mary Loves Cheap Flowers

When you were young, you thought you’d never do these things:
pray the rosary,
notice every Mary statue as you drive by,
kneel at the foot of as many of them as possible
to pray

You thought you were modern, a flower child,
rising above what you saw
as mindless veneration,
then you stumbled, as we all do,
and were lucky while flat on your face
to notice before you, her feet

You traveled to see Our Lady of Fatima,
built in your own backyard a sanctuary to hold
Our Lady of Lourdes,
acts that seemed inexplicable, yet felt natural

So when you go to the dollar store for a kitchen strainer
and leave instead with bundles of cheap flowers
to plant at Mother Mary’s feet,
you know it’s just another one of those things
that you thought you’d never do

When you get home, you pull up a chair,
sit before her, and relax
silently, you arrange the orange and gold bouquets
as if they are the most beautiful flowers
ever sprung from the earth,
you feel the tethers of self-importance loosen,
and as you surrender to yet another
thing you never thought you’d do,
you pray, without a single word,
your most honest prayer

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