Prayer for Lying Still

This poem is for a dear friend who is lying still, and is my prayer for anyone in turmoil over unwanted stillness.

Gray Sky


Prayer for Lying Still

If illness calls you to lie still,
may you do so with grace.
If it becomes a permanent requirement
of extended periods of stillness and solitude,
may you accept it with grace.
If your mind in these times
finds no resting place,
know that I have been inside that tornado—
that cyclone in a crypt—
and that I have been there many times,
forced to go there again and again.
So when the cows and eighteen-wheelers fly by,
look for me in the swirling mess,
a mental wayfarer and companion
on this reluctant journey.
Let us lock eyes for an instant,
and when the winds die down,
may we both land with grace.

2 thoughts on “Prayer for Lying Still

  1. An apt image for the frustration that I find is a frequent, unwanted companion to the intense, enervating fatigue of chronic illness. I’ll try to look for you in the “swirling mess” of cows and eighteen-wheelers when next the tornado rips through my fragile times of recovery.

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