For Unblocking a Writer

beech tree trunk

beech tree


To celebrate National Poetry Month, which starts today in the United States,  I’m embarking on a month-long quest to generate lots of poems, hopefully posting some of them here to share with you.

Here’s my poetry entry for today. Best wishes.


For Unblocking a Writer

May you toss the rock of indecision from your path.
And when you discover that underneath it lies
the rock of perfectionism,
ditch that rock, too.
Then you will see that these rocks have been covering
the dark pit of fear.
Lean over the pit and stare deeply.

Then pick that pit up
and see how small it is, and light,
a beechnut, actually,
that you can bury in yon field
where it will rejigger itself
into the kind of tree from which
the first books were hewn,
the thick etymological root
of the word book.



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