The Parable of Sea Glass

Sea Glass Cairn

Sea Glass Cairn

The Parable of Sea Glass

One summer evening, as dusk gathered on the Jersey shore,
Jesus turned to the kite-fliers, frisbee-throwers,
lovers, loners, and bennies,
and said,

The kingdom of heaven is like this:

At first the crowd thought he was talking about
a perfect summer night, like this one,
but he continued,

An artist made a beautiful glass globe
He beheld its perfection for seven days
Then he let it shatter
Countless pieces fell
into the dark ocean like rain
There they tumbled and tossed
in the storms and tides

Eventually the pieces began to wash ashore
but they were no longer clear and gleaming
with everything perfectly visible through them
from every angle
Instead they were frosted and dulled,
their original color and clarity obscured
by the crust of the ocean.

said Jesus,

they were translucent.

A little boy digging in the sand
looked up and asked,
“What are trains losing?”

Jesus smiled.

He knelt before the boy
and pulled from behind the boy’s ear
a huge piece of sea glass
the size of a fist or a fish

Jesus stood and held it out to the crowd, and said,
I tell you this:
hold one another up to the light
and see, then, if you have eyes

Some in the crowd thought he was a lunatic
and wanted to beat him up under the boardwalk
Others fell to their knees, blinded by the brilliant light
shining through the sea glass
For one reason or another,
they all wanted to touch him
But by then he had given the glass to the boy
and vanished.


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