Clutter Bunnies

Today’s  NaPoWriMo poem sprouted from the pile of papers next to my computer begging for my attention. Instead of tending to the pile, I chose to write about it instead.


Clutter Bunnies

A pile of paper becomes a tower,
and a new pile is born.

Clutter bunnies like this are giving
all over my house.

Other bunny varieties include
pens, cables, and sea glass.

Clutter bunnies do not hide, but
and breed en plein air.

All I can do is find them
one at a time, chanting as I go:

is every thing in its
and everything else in the



A poem a day for April


2 thoughts on “Clutter Bunnies

  1. Cheryl, I missed this the other day, but I’m glad I caught it now, as I’m exhausted. It’s been awhile since a poem made me laugh, but this made me laugh twice: at the clutter bunnies breeding en plain air (in italics, no less–you go, girl!), “and everything else in the garbage.”!

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