Prayer for Clear Space

My poem today for NaPoWriMo.


Prayer for Clear Space

May I take the time this morning to fold my pajamas neatly
May I wash my breakfast bowl as soon as I use it
May I return my meditation pillow to its corner

May I sit in a clear, clean space today
unencumbered by clutter of the quotidian
unburdened by the overdose of media and memorabilia
May I remember that there is nothing more important
than what I cannot see

May I move past stale objects that hold no promise,
past the desire for a shiny new anything,
and spend time in the vacant lot
that is missing nothing,
brimming with idea and spirit

May I create something from the invisible

May I leave every space today with my industry stowed,
my refuse discarded, my messes swept,
Remembering how it first felt to enter the space clean
Remembering how space can be
an awakening




A poem a day for April


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