Meditate with me, please?

I’ve been meaning to (re)start a meditation practice. When I received a post in April from ZenHabits on how to start meditating for two minutes a day, I said, Wow, yeah, that’s what I’m going to do. And then I did nothing. oops.

Almost a month later, Jodi Chapman announced a Month of Meditation. I said, This is it. Really. I’m in. Then without another moment’s thought, I made it official, and posted my promise on Jodi’s page. Now I had to meditate.

My efforts since May 1 have been kind of icky. No routine, no “technique.” I even missed a few days. But I’m doing it, and I plan to stick to my really imperfect, stuttering start, at least through the month of May.

Why? Because it’s 5 minutes a day that I’m not doing something stupid. You know what I mean. No one likes to shine the flashlight on their calendar. It’s stressful looking at all that we have to do and all that remains undone. But if we take a peek, we’ll probably see one of two things: a “relaxing” activity, such as TV or web surfing from which we can probably carve out 5 minutes for meditation, or a schedule so packed we can’t breathe until we fall into bed at night, in which case, maybe staying 5 minutes in the car once we’ve reach our destination might be an option.

As busy as we are, aren’t there a least a few minutes a day we can spend on something that will make our life better?

You can read about Jodi’s plan by clicking the pink artwork above, or click here. Each day you can post feedback about your experience and/or read what other people are posting. What Jodi is offering here is the foundation for creating a great habit: community and accountability. The latter is what is selling and propelling me.

Here’s what I posted on her site today to describe my “meditation”:

1. Set the meditation timer Jodi recommended:
2. Tried mindfulness.
3. Wondered if mindfulness (vipassana) is the right flavor for me. What about the other types of meditation I’ve tried in the past?
4. Why can’t I just pick something and stick with it.
5. Dog snoring.
6. This is not working. I’m in a story right now, and I can’t get out.
7. Felt my breath. Oh yeah, there I am. Yup I’m doing it now.
8. Oh no, I’m not doing it anymore because I’m thinking I’m doing it.
9. Timer goes off.

That’s what I’m calling meditation. What will tomorrow’s experience be? I don’t know, but I’m going to sit down and find out.

Won’t you join me at Jodi’s site?

Click here.


4 thoughts on “Meditate with me, please?

  1. I’m so glad you’re in, Cheryl! It sounds like we’ve been on a similar journey – where we want to meditate and feel pulled to meditate, but we still have resisted actually doing it. I am so happy that you’re showing up for yourself! I am already feeling the excitement waning, which is when the daily check-ins become extra important. Knowing that others are waiting for me to post makes all the difference. And my hope is that in doing so, each of us will rewire our brains and create a lasting habit. No matter how tired I am before I crawl into bed each night, I always take my contacts out, wash my face, and brush my teeth. Always. Why? Because it’s a habit that is so engrained into my routine that I would feel even more strange if I didn’t do it. That’s what I want to have happen with meditation. I am rooting for both of us! 🙂 Thank you for sharing here!

  2. I like the idea of being there for others as well as myself. I’ll be using some form of breath meditation perhaps 3 times a day during my flat rests and the start of my afternoon’s pre-emptive rest. I find the gong far to loud and intrusive unless I turn my volume down to 1% which makes it a nuisance to hear other things on the computer if I don’t remember to restore my volume to its normal 25%. Shame, as the gong is a good idea, and I love the tone of a singing bowl.

    • So wonderful that you’re joining in, Suella! I’ve also used a very gentle alarm on my phone, and I have a vibrate-only timer from that works well.I hope you find an end-chime that works for you.

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