Saturday: Supermoon! Dont miss it!

Until this morning, when my husband sent me this link (Delightful Supermoon), I never knew there was such a thing.

A few years ago, I remember a huge full moon rising as I drove home from work. The sun hadn’t quite set at the opposite end, leaving the eastern sky a vivid blue. As I drove over a small bridge, the moon hung like an enormous pie plate just above the railing to my right. I could almost touch it. Was it a Supermoon?

My family knows I love the sky, day or night. My love is one part science and seven parts awe. Since my kids were little, I’d summon everyone to the front picture window to view a spectacular sunset, or recently to see Venus, Saturn, and the moon hanging out together in the western night sky.

So here I am, summoning you to the window, to the fresh air, tomorrow evening at moonrise, which is around 7:45 PM EST if you’re in New Jersey (or check here for the moonrise time in your area).

I hope you get to see it! If you do, feel free to send me one or two words (or more if you like!) to describe the moon or your experience. I’d love to hear from you!


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