Plant a Seed

Easter proves it: Jesus is cool.

In my morning reverie, I asked Jesus what he wanted me to tell you. He said, Plant a seed.

I got into a bit of bantering about what kind of seed. You know, mustard, fig, strawberry. He stopped me. I was getting lost in the details, he said. Just plant a seed.

Why plant a seed?

When the beloved friends of Jesus came upon an empty tomb, they each faced a decision: believe in their loss, or plant a seed.

Easter is the Day of the Empty Tomb. What if we could look at the place in our bodies or thoughts or lives where we keep the stories of loss, and see that place as empty? What if we were to put a seed in that very spot, a seed that would grow into the most spectacular flowering fruit tree, full of birdsong, sunlight, and life? What a gift that would be to ourselves and the world.

This is the day.

Plant a seed, my friend. Plant a seed.


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