Tiny Miracles

At this sunny moment, March lolls a baby lamb.

The sun has coaxed everything to bloom a month early. But I’m ready. I’m ready for tiny miracles. Like the swath of teeny white flowers in the grass. And the hardy sage plant that over-winters in a pot outside yielding its first crop of tasty leaves. And the dianthus, daffodils, and magnolia that have all joined this sun-drenched party.

I photographed the magnolia. I sat in the grass among the white flowers. I pinched the early sage tips and sprinkled them in my soup. I stood under the oak, feeling for the first time this year the cool softness of grass on my bare feet.

These are the tiny miracles of the day.

The first bloom of spring offers miracles that are easy to spot. But every day has tiny miracles. Whether it’s a soft twig, the voice of a loved one, having enough to eat at lunch, or the movement of your own hand, the tiny miracle of your day is awaiting your discovery.

I’m grateful for every tiny miracle.


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