Grab a Bandana—Girl Scouting Turns 100 Today!

100th Anniversary Bandana available at

If there’s one thing that says “Girl Scouts” to me, it’s the humble bandana, square cloth of a thousand uses. Here are some of my favorite ways to use a bandana (not all with the same bandana, please!).

  1. Classic hair covering. Required at a GS campfire.
  2. Napkin.
  3. Tissue.
  4. Dish towel.
  5. Hand towel.
  6. Backpack decoration (until it’s needed for 1 through 5).
  7. Scarf.
  8. Gift wrap.
  9. S.W.A.P. (a GS thing).
  10. Memento for everyone at camp to sign.
  11. Blind fold.
  12. Trivia contest prize.
  13. Neck cooler.
  14. Sit-upon (another GS thing).
  15. Serenity Kit (our Troop thing).

Today’s post is dedicated to my dear GS Troop: A F G D D J J J J K K K K L P.

Thank you for ten years of stellar weather. Even when it rained, which was almost every trip, the sun shone through your smiles. You will always be in my heart, you talented beauties of Troop 1238.

To all the moms who faithfully followed me through the woods and every other scheme, especially my co-leader S, a million bandanas of thanks to you.

And to everyone reading this: Get a bandana. Somewhere along the line, you’ll need it.

Feel free to post your bandana babbles below!



2 thoughts on “Grab a Bandana—Girl Scouting Turns 100 Today!

  1. Thank you Cheryl for your dedication to troop 1238. The girls have a lot of sweet precious memories in their life because of your commitment. I really appreciate all your love to these girls. Jasmine grows up with confidence because she learned it from troop 1238. Thank you Cheryl, we love you! 🙂


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