My Curly Scarf Makes Me Happy


Here’s the back story on the talent molecule featured in the photo of yesterday’s post.

It’s a very long, very curly, and very fun scarf that I just finished. My friend sent me the pattern, and I followed it—sort of. My talent molecules bubbled in my brain, and the end result is this unique scarf, which was delightful to make, and delightful to wear.

The first joy came in the process: selecting the yarn combinations, watching the garment take shape, seeing how the colors interact as they are hooked into fabric.

Combining an ombre yarn of dark teals and purples with a pure white yarn created a bright tweed that feels so much like a sunny day after a January snowfall. The last row combines solid teal with the ombre to give the curls definition.

Every time I see this scarf, I feel happy. The eight-year-old in me feels happy. Eight-year-old me is not afraid to love what she loves. Her joy is pure and free. She loves to stare at the colors, play with the curls, and wear this bouncy scarf that she made herself.

Even in this seemingly solitary expression of my talent, I make the world a better place. The joy of eight-year-old me radiates outward and shines on my subsequent interactions with the world. The joy becomes the gift I give.

What joy are you finding this week as you activate your own talent molecules?



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