Activate Your Talent Molecules

an actual talent molecule

You are talented. Maybe you already know this, and live and breathe all your wonderful talents daily. But even if you’re not a diva, you must know deep down that you’ve got talent. If you’ve been dismissing it, it’s time you dig it out of that old shoebox on top of the closet, and set it free.  Use it. It will make you happy. And when you’re happy, you make the world a better place. So grand, so simple.

Everyone has talents. The obvious resume stuff may come to mind. Or maybe the sketches you drew in high school. Or maybe finances, child care, math, poetry, decorating, organizing, fixing, leading, gardening, teaching, running, convincing, conniving, comforting. You get the picture.

Someone else may have one of your same talents, but it will never be the exact same talent. Someone else may excel at diving or making lasagna, but they won’t do it exactly the way you do.

The difference is in the talent molecules.

A talent molecule is anything you’ve done or created that expresses one of your talents. Like getting everyone to go see the movie you want to see.  Or writing a piece of computer code that saves thousands of hours of work.

Talent molecules are your successes with a particular talent, and also your failures and your unfinished projects. They are your ideas. Talent molecules are your interpretations of the world that you then channel into the expression of your talent. And the talent molecules are also the interactions and experiences that have influenced or developed your talent.

The molecules include the poem you wrote in third grade about your teddy bear; the poem you were asked to write for the yearbook but never finished; the poem you published; the poem that got rejected; the hours of reading other people’s poetry; the countless times you’ve studied the clouds.

Your talent molecules shape your next expression. No matter what you do next with your talent, it will be something that only you can bring forth into the world. Give us all a gift—find your talent molecules, and make more. Talent molecules multiply, if you let them.


How to activate your talent molecules

  1. Take 7 minutes now to write on a piece of paper any talent you can think of. You can make a list or follow my instructions for making a mindmap, which may help you access some talents that aren’t top of mind.
  2. Pick one talent, and think of the ways you’ve expressed that talent over your lifetime, even in childhood.
  3. Think of one way you might express that talent today or this week. That’s your next talent molecule.
  4. Be brave and write it down! Use the comment section here to tell us what you plan to do. Then…
  5. Off you go!

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