This Is My Heart

Yesterday I hurt someone I love.
I didn’t mean to.
I said things.
I felt badly.
I thought about where I went wrong.
I didn’t listen with my heart.

At that same moment, I had been holding this rose in my hand.

After beating myself up a bit, I remembered how I’m learning to bless my body. I wanted to do the same for my heart. What if, I wondered, this rose were my heart. What would I see when I look inside? I would see a whorl of light and grace. I would find the balance of beauty and imperfection. I would find at the center that my heart is still unfolding. I would stand on the precipice of infinite Love. My heart would be beautiful.

This, I decided, is my True Heart: a golden rose of light.

So what then of the words I’d said earlier?

Black leaves.

When I allow the black leaves of needing to be right to cover my heart, I speak from a shallow, hurt, and hurtful place. Even the unintentional arrows I deliver return.

When I gently brush those black leaves aside, I speak golden words from the light of my heart, and I see an equally stunning rose at the center of everyone to whom I listen.

Imagine what light I can offer, even in silence or alone, when I expose my heart?

Today I will try to wear my heart on the outside, a beautiful rose, light emanating in every direction. And I will behold the golden rose of light that is your heart, too.




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