I Devote This Moment to Healing

No matter what’s broken—your heart, your arm, your thoughts, your body chemistry—healing is possible.

We heal continually from the everyday breeches that occur in our mind and body. But for deeper wounds and brokenness, the healing sometimes does not come fast enough, and for some it appears to not come at all. In these times, the most profound healing may come not from the mend we were expecting, but from a wholeness that grows from acceptance, a serenity that grows from patience.

Regardless of the particular healing that’s in store for us, we can open a healing space inside ourselves to allow the healing to happen.

One way to do this is to close your eyes and say, I devote this moment to healing.

Say it slowly, thinking about each of the four parts of this intention:

I ~ the part of me that is connected to the Divine

devote ~ to prayerfully, lovingly invest all of my being

this moment ~ the infinitely small slice of time that is now

to healing ~ the miracle of recovering wholeness, whether in a former or a new way

If you are stressed or worried, sick or injured, or could use even a baby dose of healing, please say the intention now. Go ahead. Right now. I’ll wait. Close your eyes.

I devote this moment to healing.

You don’t need to wait to try this “some day.” You can do it right now. And any time tomorrow. Just one moment is enough. Breathe one breath into each word or part of the intention. Feel the space inside your body open. Let yourself feel lighter. When you devote a moment to healing, you let go of all your junk. That stuff can get pretty heavy. Why not set it down, even if just for one moment today?


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